Shopify or Website (Erpnext)

I am having issues getting website up and running but in this process I am finding the whole website module quite limited so it has led me to write this post.

From all the examples website posted in this forum, so far I haven’t yet seen an ERPNext website (excuse me if I offend anybody) that looks like a professional e-commerce site. Nothing close to Magento websites that I worked on 10 years ago. If you think you have one, I would love to see it.

In the age of e-commerce, what are ERPNExt users using for an e-commerce solution. Are users out there running sites on Shopify using the Shopify integration instead or using other solutions? Please let me know.

There seems to be ongoing posts on this forum about integrations (and the lack of). I don’t like to be critical, but there seems to be have been a lot of work on modules like,School, but I don’t see this moving us towards to goals of fully integrated ERP?? And, It’s not just me being critical of the direction taken.

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Hi I believe its not the focus of ERPNext yet. And to remind you this is an open source community, It would be better if you can contribute to have that aspect get better like any other professional e-commerce site as you mention. But you can actually integrate ERPNext with any other ecommerce site. Also you can post a job or start a bounty to customize websites.

I have made contributions to the community. My work in progress on an eBay connector can be found here:

I am fully committed to ERPNEXT having invested in hundreds of $$ of programmer hours on in-house projects and the above.

But I am one person. The other option, as in any community, is to try to influence the direction of the project.

This is not a bad thing.

I mentioned the Schools project, becuase I am not the only person on the forum that questions the route taken aka. full integration with EPRNext.

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Hi! From my knowledge, an ERP System may or may not necessarily be connected to an E-commerce website since the focus of an ERP isn’t limited to E-Commerce alone. From what I’ve observed, ERPNext caters to organizations who need an ERP to help in managing their business operations without having to cough up an initial payment unlike commercial alternatives. ERPNext does what it does well and thanks to its developers, it keeps getting better.

Although I do agree that it would be nice to create a professional e-commerce website from ERPNext. I believe this may call for a feature request, @bglazier? :slight_smile:


@bglazier: a couple of notes from my side. ERPNext will definitely benefit from having a good shopping cart module/e-commerce frontier (although I agree with other discussion participants on it not being the primary focus of the platform right now; moreover, any ERP, in a philosophical sense, is winder in its functionality then just an e-commerce frontier (like Magento) so it is expected there are other firefights to address in ERPNext right now).

We found the same limitations of ERPNext e-commerce capabilities that you mentioned. We sometimes had to build compromise solutions to work it around (in a form of integrating ERPNext with a third-party shopping cart service - see ERPNext Implementation in iCloak: Case study for more details on one of such examples).

At the same time, we are keen on solving this problem fundamentally - therefore we launched Awesome Cart app project (see New App for one-page shopping cart experience ). This one is being finalized right now, and we will start testing it with one of our customers the next week.

Once Awesome Cart app is stable and polished, we will open up the gates to make it our contribution to the community.


Sounds cool and amazing! Looking forward to it, @gvyshnya ! :smiley: Good luck to you guys and hope to see your work soon!