Shopify stores linked to ERPNext

just curious … anybody using the Shopify connector in production? Would be interesting to see some shop URL’s listed here as a reference

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does this mean nobody has a Shopify Store linked to an ERPNext instance running? Really? nobody?

We just today i did receive the request to make this connection, our people wants to make the payment on Shopify and “insert” the invoice in ERPNext with the payment and the record for Bank Account.

We could share information when we make something useful.

I guess this is the one.

@Boacasa please confirm as per your convenience.

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Yes that’s our site. Thanks for highlighting.

so, there is exactly 1 (One) Shopify store online with ERPNext on the backend? nobody else?

If not, why? is the connector just not working well, too difficult to set up, or …?


We are using connectors for our clients.

However, lack of documentation on how and what fields are synced with Shopify can get frustrating.

For example, there will be 2 description and if the description is not the same with Shopify’s description. If this doesn’t tally, price list will go to 0.

Shipping and Tax names must be the same so that sync is successful.

It does involve a lot of trial and error but it does work.

thanks for the insights. Would it make sense to post some issues for the connector and likewise improve it?

would you be able to share some links to those stores?

Yes I have put up some several issues. You may look them up in github.

As for the links to the stores, will have to get permission from my clients if they are ok with it.

If so, I will update in this thread.

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