Shopify Sync order & products based on SKU rather than Product ID

We just integrated our shopify to ERPNext, but facing issues with syncing of products and orders.

The issue is sync is happening using shopify product id, which is not the right way for it. As we sell same SKU on multiple platforms, and also the same SKU is part of multiple product listings over shopify, we want the SKU code to be the connecting variable.

For example, we have a product in ERP with SKU code as PPM, and we have the same SKU on shopify, amazon and other places…but for all integration purpose, the shopify product id 43796366360794 is being used…which created a new product on ERPnext.

Does anyone know how can we change this mapping and integration using SKU rather than product id?

Hi, I am facing the same issue. Did you solve it?