Shopping cart addresses

Is there a way to set erpnext to only require the billing address and not require a shipping address when purchasing something on the website? We are selling “education services” which are not physically shipped, so don’t need to force my users to have both addresses.

Also, is there a way to prompt the user to enter their address in line with the rest of the checkout process if there are no addresses on file for the user? It really breaks the flow of the check-out process if you have to stop and go to my account, enter an address or two there and then go back to cart of finish off the process.

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Seems like a good idea. Can you raise the feature request for the same on github.

Is this a frappe thing or an erpnext thing?

ERPNext thing :slight_smile:

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There are a lot of “issues” out there. Over 900 open. Is there some plan to get those organized and prioritized? I think the community could help is some manner, certainly in voting or something to set some priority.