Shopping Cart and Guest Users

Hi Guys

I was wondering if ERPNext can handle guest user checkout?

So far I’ve noticed that ERPNext forces account creation when you add an item to the cart and I want to see if it is possible to allow guest users to add an item to cart and either allow guest checkout or force account creation as part of the checkout process.

If this is not possible I was thinking I could generate a temporary user on every session and finish account creation myself as part of the checkout process. Any thoughts?

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Guest or not doesn’t matter. Once you bought something, your data is known. Dont need to know if the customer wants to come back or not.

What’s really missing is a basic level of User experinece or guidance.
Every Shop has some type of it, some look like this :

My experience with Erpnext as an online- shop is that it looses too many customers.


searching this add to cart without need to login. but no luck. any direction to go sir?

Hi everyone,

I found a nice “one-pager” which could be used as a template for the “non-login-required”

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Excelent, should be in the ecommerce pr, where we mentioned that it is a practically exclusive functionality if you want to use for something more than B2B to ecommerce.