Shopping cart and make to order


I would like to activate website checkout. Our products are made to order. We maintain stock for them. We have a “finished product” warehouse to keep track of manufactured products before delivery. Before manufacturing the product “finished product” as no stock of product.

to see the shopping cart button we need one of these:

  • some stock available, But we willl have product only after ordering
  • disable stock management for the products. But we want to keep track of stock

do someone have an idea how to manage that use case?

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I have exactly the same use case. Have you already found a solution for that?

What about dummy items just to display in the cart

We have a lot of variants with up to 7 different item attributes and hundrets of variants. maintaining a virtual item for each variant seems to be a big overhead. Isn’t there an easier solution for that?

@ophl55 I’ve found no solution for now :frowning:

Allow Items to be Added to Cart even if Out of Stock. Please check the shopping cart settings - this is a check mark. Once you receive the order you can then prepare it and ship it from whichever warehouse.