Shopping cart api

have some quest can anyone help !!
1- /erpnext.shopping_cart.cart.update_cart
whats the using of “with_items” property it has no effect?!

2- api/method/erpnext.shopping_cart.cart._get_cart_quotation
calling this API return error
“Not Permitted
You do not have enough permissions to complete the action”

3- how to Create/Update Customer Address using Rest Api?

4- some API need power user access like getting Items using (api/resource/Item) , how to shopping cart user get access to list all items with their details ?!

Hi @kyabroudi,

Shopping Cart requires login so before you call the Shopping Cart API, you’ll need to execute the login API.

frappe also has Frappe-Client (GitHub - frappe/frappe-client: Python library to use Frappe API) which you can just import to handle the Session for the API calls. The FrappeClient object also has a post_api function which you can use to call/post the shopping cart API.

Hope it helps.