Short Address in Print Format

Hi I’m trying to configure Address Template to remove country and state.

More like
Address Line 1
Address Line 2
City, Pin Code

I did see a lot of posts about changing the template in as per jinja template, it is not reflecting in quotation / invoice etc.,

What i did was change the address template, Add Address in print format.

The change will not affect existing quotations, it will appear in the new quotation.

Create Custom Print Format for Quotation.
Using jinja script fetch the required field from Address.

{{frappe.db.get_value("Address", doc.customer_address, "address_title")}}

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Thanks for the reply,

I think i messed up something in the installation. The pdf is not being generated now. The ones that come in email is not aligned and misses the letterhead logo.

Can i move the data to a different installation.

OK some how managed to get pdf working.

Now the alignment has become a big issue. @Sangram please advice.

Thanks in advance.


Refer this -

you can also go through Standard Print Format

Hi @Sangram,

Thanks for the reply, this problem is happening in standard print format also.

Use Bootstrap grid System and CSS for Design it will help you.
for that go through following link