Should Franchise Customers be given System or Web User access

We have regular online customers who do checkout. But we also have around 10 Franchise Shops, from where we get bulk sales order requests. Should these Franchise shop contacts be given system access (with permission to create a Sales Order) or should be just given web user (customer) access so that they can do checkout as normal customer and view orders, invoices through portal.

These franchise customers have a separate price list “Franchise Selling” which have discounted price. But i believe when they do normal checkout, they wont be seeing franchise seling prices, so a sales order will be created with normal pricing. And when we create sales invoice from this order, we need to correct the pricing.

Also, they pay once in a while, and also can buy on credit.

Pls suggest.

Could someone please suggest.

You can surely give it a try with the System User access. You will have to apply user restriction on the Franchise User, like they should only be able to select themselves as a Customer. Also, only Sales Orders created for them (as a Customer) should be visible to them.

You can set default Price List for them in the Customer master itself. On selection of Customer, respective Price List will be fetched from the Customer master.

Hope this helps.

Thanks Umair. Will take your suggestion on this, and try it out.