Should I send private messages to devs to help me with my questions?

“Nothing sabotages a healthy conversation like rudeness” is what your community guideline says, yet when I saw this line it deeply hurt my feelings

All I was asking was a response to a question I had asked. I had to get back to my management with answers to some question. Unfortunately, I see a poor attitude by folks at ERPNext.

I am ok for you to remove this post contradicting the fact that you are “open” to take critizism

Gasby Apparels

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I don’t know what you expect to get from this. You’re getting a free system, and you are putting yourself in front of all other issues or progress because you have a problem?

Lol! read about opensource man! - > Why Open Source Misses the Point of Free Software - GNU Project - Free Software Foundation
It aint free, and if you dream so, god bless you!

I am not here to fight about free or not. Just the choice of words. I am not here to fight, just here to learn. I am not asking for preferential treatment, all I am asking is someone to answer. I have seen people have time to answer and view this post and gossip about it, but cant still answer my question.

My reason for pining this gentlemen was since there was a management decision, whether we need to go to erpnext or not. Just calling a product free no way takes away the liability (Facebook and Twitter must bleed then, I am sure Superlack must read about Pierre Omidiyar’s book, the perfect store about how ebay had exceptional service) - infact they say "NO question is stupid, and never delay someone’s question "

Plus I have not asked a rocket science question. A response would have helped. Also I am not here to ping someone to intrude their priority or to mess the order of response. I had something urgent to seek and tought it best to ask.

“Had the person who sent me warning, responded to my query and also said pls do not send me a PM” I would have appreciated. Still my query stands open.


I would like to put an end to this issue

If someone can answer my query I would appreciate

“Can we change the theme ?”, since mine is an apparel company and we are very choosy about our brand and we are handing this to our distributors,we need a propreity theme.


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Theming according a given CI is not impossible, but a little bit tweaky… :slight_smile:

We are also building a pilot for a customer and the customer shall find himself in the system. This means colors, icons, splash screen, reports and so far.

You can inject a css file via in your app. The same with JavaScript. So you can tweak the appearance of the ERPNext.

When you want to change the favicon and splash screen you must patch the of the ERPNext system.

You can also upload an individual screen background for each user.

So the way may be a little bit long and stony, but you will learn much about ERPNext while doing it. And this is the sense of open source… :slight_smile:


Sorry that your questions went unanswered.
Its just that the core developers are busy developing and PMing them disrupts their days work flow. That is why we have a comunity forum to ask questions in. Unfortunatly it is also the weekend so you can expect slowish responses from us 3rd party types.
As for theming, It is not too difficult to change the desktop icons to another font-awesome icon and to also change the text under the icon of any desktop icon say from CRM to SCRM. As mentioned above you can delve into ERPNext’s code and completely modify the CSS to suit your requirements. Now for the bad news… You would need to be a developer our hire a developer to make these modifications. 3rd Party developers can be contacted via the freelance jobs and servoceprovider links at the top of the page.
Have a good one.


@das_django few days ago, I wrote a post in my blog about things like this thread! Open-source don't means Free · Maxwell Morais

PVT messages is out of the context of freedom! No one here have the obligation to answer your questions, when do you want!

Is very rare, when I have an answers of my important questions, If you have any doubt look this Profile - max_morais_dmm - Frappe Forum, do you will see a lot of 0 zero answers!
But In a against part, when I have some time, I answer the others, because if you see the topics most actives in my topics, is because I’m publishing a fix or I’m helping someone!

What I learned with this is: Some answers need be discovered by effort, instead of get a cook receipt!


@max_morais_dmm your answers and PR’s are fscking amazing… Some days I expect your ISP to ban you from Gitter due to the amount of data that you upload via chat… This reminds me of a post from @nabinhait about six months back about “Open Source” and “Free”. Two points I loved:
1: People will threaten to not use open source software because it lacks a feature, thereby mistaking themselves for paying customers
2: SEO consultants are not very good at searching the web, and learning that you operate an open source, non-profit project. It says a lot.
It amazes me how many of the people I encounter who have never created or given anything back to the digital world that they enjoy (And no, having a FaceBook account doesn’t count as giving back) . Having made the mistake of handing out my business cards at my local pub most neighbours expect me to repair their hardware/software/data/web mess on a Sunday for free. Others a weirded out when I won’t download my (large) music collection onto their laptop. The prevailing attitude is “Well its all free on the internet…”


Wonderful. All I wanted is this. Thanks a lot IDAT , you rock!!! :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Thanks Love you guys!..Great to some cool folks in this world. Was thinking of leaving this forum, but ;looking at folks like you, feel the need to come back.

Love you ERPNEXT. I am gonna beat my management to death to adopt this platform

THanks guys for the support your rock!!!

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