Shouldn't Journal Entry be disabled for Payment Entry?


Since the advent of the Payment Entries (PE), the old Journal vouchers (JV) should not be allowed to make entries similar to PE for either payment or RECEIPT.

The reason why I say this is that the system becomes more robust as users only have one option to make such entries but since the use cases over the spectrum of erpnext can be many I wanted to know if the community by and large agrees to disable any kind of entry which is covered by PE should not be allowed on JV.

This would help in maintaining the data integrity since in our case users generally make JV and leave it unallocated since they get auto emails for unallocated PE.

So if the user does not have the option of creating a JV for receipt or payment then this kind of checks for unallocated amounts would be easier to manage.

But I am aware of a use case where JV would be used and that would be used for the following use cases:

  1. Credit Note
  2. Debit Note
  3. Transfer of amount between Supplier and Customer (since there can be a case where Supplier and customer is same)

Any other use cases which come to the mind of the user.

Could unchecking “Make Payment via Journal Entry” work for your scenario?

Hi Pawan,

There is an issue I guess, even if I uncheck the Make Payment via Journal Entry I am still able to make payment via Journal entry.

This seems to be a issue can you confirm