Show Available QTY on shopping cart?


Is there any default api to get Available QTY of Product in Shopping Cart?

We need to add Get Quote button to get quotation is stock is not available.


I am working on showing qty. Will keep you posted.

@KanchanChauhan thanks,
we already developed this in custom app, but we not not add this in frappe cloud.

I can see, frappe check stock is available or not and then it will show “Not In Stock”
So, if there is any open api available then I can add it.

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@KanchanChauhan Is this can be configure to show Total Stock from all warehouse, instead of only website warehouse?

No we can only show qty from website warehouse.

You are right, but what if user want to show qty from multiple warehouse, as ERPNext has feature to show same Item in different website group.

That will just show item in that group but the qty will be based only on website warehouse. Within group, you cannot select website warehouse.