Show Communication based only on the Logged In User


How to show the Communication of the logged in user only and not of any other users?

Only the mail sent/received by A will be visible to User A in Communication. User A won’t be able to see any mails sent/received by User B.

Both A and B are System Managers

If you want to restrict docs shown in Communication List you can do that by setting Role Permissions for Communication Doctype and checking If Owner

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Thank you for your prompt reply.
Did exactly that was suggested by you.
But now if User A is logged in then we can view only the mails sent by A and not the mails that are received by A in the Communication list.

Communication is not a doctype to viewed by the User. It is the log of every communication that is happening inside ERPNext. If you want to prevent communication data to be seen by others, add a Role Permission for it.