Show company Name

Is there way currently to show which company a user is logging into at login or after login on the UI?

ERPNext: v12.16.2 (version-12)

Frappe Framework: v12.13.0 (version-12)

You can check the session defaults from the settings menu, it will show the company name.

In ERPNext, you don’t log in into a particular Company, you login into the system as a whole where you can select against which Company you need to create documents for.
However, if you wish to restrict any user from a particular Company, you can use User Permissions to configure this.

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Was thinking more along the lines of , if a user has access to multiple companies and needs to switch between them process transactions , its a good thing to show the user which company they working in , so they do not make errors in the wrong companies and only realize that they processed in the wrong company they now must process counter entries to reverse.Gets a bit messy.

And that’s why we have Session Defaults. :slight_smile:

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Okay let me give that try , thank you :slight_smile: