Show created doctype in webpage

I have created a doc type for user registration in erpnext desk and i want to show same doc type in webpage and and when i click save or submit button data in the doctype should be inserted into same table which doctype inserted eg; doctype name is Add User so table in database is tabAdd User so when i click submit button of webpage data should be added to same table all data also like parent,idx e.t.c should be inserted


@shahid_khan021 into the WebSite module you have a doctype called WebForm, that enabled this kind of data collection from the users outside the desk

@max_morais_dmm sorry i forget to mention in question that i don’t want to use webform

So you will reach a hard way ahead! :wink:

@max_morais_dmm :fearful:

I need help in a similar kind of problem. Only difference is that Instead of getting data from webpage, I want to display data to a webpage from a doctype.