Show custom field below customer's name in the Sales ORder


In the field Customer (while creating Sales Order), the information appear as

Customer Name
Customer Group, Territory

(In the first line, Customer’s name appear in bold followed by respective group and territory in the second line)

I have added a custom field City in the customize form of Customer and I want city (in the second line) to appear below customer’s name while creating the Sales Order.

How can I do so??

Add custom field City below the customer_name field in the customize form

Thanks for the reply, but I think I didn’t explain the problem clearly.

In the dropdown of customer, the names appear in the fashion as in the image below:


Customer’s Name in the first line and then customer group, territory in the second.

How can I make ‘City’ appear along with the group and territory.

Hii Nakul_Sharma,

follow the steps below:

  1. In awesome bar search :“Customize Form”.
  2. Enter form type “Customer”.
  3. in Search Fields : after territory give ‘comma’ and your ‘field_name’
    eg : customer_name,customer_group,territory,city

Thank you for the solution.