Show custom field in table - Purchase Invoice to Payment Entry Reference


I have a custom field in “Payment Invoice” and would like to show this field automatically as part of reference table in Payment Entry". Here is what I have done.

Form: Purchase Invoice
Custom Field name: bill_no
Type: Data

Form: Payment Entry Reference
Custom Field name: bill_no
Type: Data

Also I need this data to appear in Payment Entry Reference table.

I have tried custom script as well but to no avail.



Sorry for the issue. I can replicate it in my test account as well.

@saurabh6790 can you please check?

Payment Invoice to Payment Entry does not use DocType Mapper. Hence, fields with same fieldname will not be appear automatically. You have to write some custom script for this.

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I see

Will this be solved in 7.1 or earlier versions?

So, if I use Custom Script in Payment Entry Reference it won’t work as well?


I don’t think it will come in v7.1 or later version. It has been implemented in a different way. You have to pull bill_no on validate function, I think add_fetch will also not work (try it once).

thanks @nabinhait!

Last question before I consider this matter closed.

Without touching the application code, is it possible to filter invoices appearing in Payment Entry Reference by having the “bill_no” on “Payment Entry” DocType?

Dear we are also looking for same thing taht in payment entry the supplier invocie number should come in or as before it was coming remarks automatically would also be fine.

If you apply a filter in the list view, that will be saved as a default filter for that User.

HI Mulyadi,
We are facing a same issue. Did you get any solution for this?


I am unable to do so and client decided it is OK so I did pursue on this matter.


We are also having this same issue. Is there a way to do this now?