Show customer fields in POS


Firstly, the closest thread to my question is this thread but still not answering my question.

We are considering ERPN as our full ERP solution, for now we are still testing all features and now stuck at POS feature. Our current business is using other POS solution where we can create new customer data straight from the POS interface.

However, the ERPN POS only allow to select from existing customer or add new customer by entering their Fullname.

Is there anyway that in the POS screen itself, we can create new customer just like in the Customer module? The info I want to appear in the POS screen are:

  • Name

  • Address

  • Telephone

  • Custom fields (Car Make, Car Model, Car Registration Number)

The selection from existing customer feature is fine, leave it there. By default, the POS load the existing customer fullname, but imagine if we have so many customers with same fullname? We are in automotive industry, loading just by name is not helping, maybe we can load the selection with combination of Fullname+Car Registration Number? Is this series number?


Sorry as this feature is not configurable in the POS view. Can you please create Github Issue for this feature suggestion?

Perhaps in the auto-suggest, we can display more customer values like Customer Group and Territory. This feature is already available and customizable in the standard doctypes.

@rohit_w can you check into this?

Thanks @umair,

Instead of customize the auto suggest, I prefer the POS screen can pop out or display the New Customer screen. In my case, we need to key more than just a fullname for a customer (refer my question)

How to do this?