Show data from sub table


I have created a new DocType SubSerial (Should be used as Child Table in Serial No)

  • Linked Field ‘Sub Serial No’ linked to ‘Serial No’

I want to have a second field (Item Name) in the Child Table showing the name of the Item the selected serial belongs to

Can someone point me in the right direction?

Any hint somehone can give?

Already the Serial No doctype has the field to hold Item Code

You can try with fetch_from property to pull required details from serial no

Ref: Fetch a Field Value from a Document into a Transaction

Thank you for your answer.
This was what i was trying to do, but got stuck

I used Serial No.item_name but this does not update the field.


Might you have an hint what i did wrong?

in fetch from you have to mention link_field_name.field_to_fetch eg: sub_serial.item_code

Thank you a lot!