Show Empty Field Element in print format

I want to show all Element in the form even if it is empty.
for ex.
I created Maintenance check form like this :

as you see last two checkbox & input feilds are empty. but:

in print format these two are missing in the print?!!
it will be vary confusing for the maintainer or management if the form is not compleate.
How to solve this?

Given the scenario, a Select field of yes/no should be better, and will also solve the printing issue.

This is not a solution for me.
I want to print empty checkbox!
what about last two empty input text fields @umair ?


unchecked fields are ignored in the Standard Print Format. Please check frappe/standard_macros.html at develop · frappe/frappe · GitHub

To show the unchecked field on the print format you will need to change the conditions in standard_macros.html, But this is not recommended as it may break the future updates. You may use the solution suggested by @umair.


@makarand_b Thanks for your answer, what about last two empty input text fields ?


Empty fields are ignored in print format please check the standard_macros.html file.

Thanks, Makarand

Thanks @makarand_b,
I am trying to add this as feature to ERPNext.
I do some modification and I am able to show check elemnt only!
how I can show the rest like data,date,list,…
where is it ignored?

Dear @makarand_b and @umair,

Could you help me on this to continue building this feature :slight_smile:


Dear @Mohammed_Redha any help about this topic please advise, I am facing the same issue.

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I am sorry to tell you that I stopped looking for this since no one from the community are helping me.
I need some hint at least!
and I will do the rest


same here !

Hi ,

Is there any way to show blank fields in the print format now? I’m really surprised that this wasn’t immediately available in Print Settings. Any guidance on the current state/workarounds would be greatly appreciated


This is also affecting custom print formats not just the standard ones! If anyone could suggest a workaround for this, I’d be most grateful

Kind regards,

@Mohammed_Redha, you find any solution to this

@Farhan unfortunately, No, I used custom print format to handle my requirement

@Mohammed_Redha thanks

@Mohammed_Redha Sorry for the necro, but when you said you used a custom print format, do you mean to say that you abandoned the gui-based print format builder and used a Jinja template instead?

Yes, I used Jinja template.

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