Show Item Name with Item Code

In custom print format I can only see the code and item description. How can I show Item name? It doesn’t appear even when i check it and add a width to it.

hi @yashwantc,

can you share print format template/code ?

Thanks, Makarand

Hello makarand, I made it by copying the standard format via print form builder.

Hi @yashwantc,

Please check if you have saved the print format after checking and assigning the width.

Thanks, Makarand

I did update and save. I observed the same in sales order template also. There too I cannot see the item name even if I check it in the print format builder.

By default the item name it is not shown in print. So you have to make it visible in print format in the Purchase Order Item form.

Check this guide:

Make Fields Visible In Print Format

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