Show item variants in the product page under "template" item


I hope I selected the right category for this.

Here is the scenario I am trying:

  1. I created a template for an item, AGV Corsa helmet.
  2. I created several item variants of the said helmet using item attribute “Size”.
  3. I activate the template AGV Corsa on the website and I can see it on the products page.

What I am trying to achieve:
Show the AGV Corsa “template” helmet on the products page. When a user clicks on the item details, it should show the item variants available on the details page, instead of having to spam all the possible variants in the main catalogue.

Is there any way to achieve this using built ERPNext features? If this is only available through editing code, could someone point me to which file I have to edit or at least to the correct documentation section?

Kind regards,