Show item volume

How could i show item volume, in cubic meters (CBM) when i create a new item, i need this information so i can calculate not only weight but also space of the cargo when we ship it to the clients… we work with a big variety of itens and some itens volume are bigger than weight, also some itens the weight are bigger than volume… i need to do it so i can calculate freight to client based on the mix of products we ship to them.



First of all, there are units conversion for the item and each item can has different units.
Now, if you are shipping company and you you need to quote for your customers, then you need special module or custom script for this.
But if you are a company that is not shipping company and you only need to calculate the shipping cost for products, so there are two options for you:

  1. There is a Shipping Rule doctype that is possible to be used when buying (purchase invoice) or selling (sales invoice), you need to create two shipping rule: one to calculate based on weight and one to calculate based on volume and then you need to add custom script for sales invoice and purchase invoice to decide if to use the shipping rule 1 or 2 depending on what is the total weight or total volume of your items.
  2. Ask your shipping agent to quote you and add the shipping cost in the sales or purchase invoice :wink: