Show markers on google map instead of listing

i have google map coordinates for my each Address . but now i want to show them on google map on sale orders listing page . search sort will be as it is. how i can add google map on listing page or i should work out of erpnext app. is their any way to show google map in erpnext .

Display google map on the listview or inside every document ? And I think there is shipping address and customer address right, so which one do you want to display on map ? There is a fieldtype called Geolocation that displays map, maybe you can work around that ?

Basically i want to show sales orders listing on google map as per shipping address. list all orders on google maps sort by city, county

Maybe we need a MapView :thinking:


Perhaps this is something that could be constructed from the Delivery Trip code that also uses Google maps ?

Built into the new chart add on? Create bar chart line chart or map? in report builder?

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