Show notification automated

I want to show notification.

User Case:

  1. Create a field in which i can store time.
  2. When the time match to the current time.
  3. Show the notification.

Is is possible through custom script?

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Please Help!

This is possible using hooks. You will have to add your python function to the hourly event in

Can you elaborate why you may want to do this? There might exist some simpler solution than this.

thank you @netchampfaris
basically i need to sent or show reminder to user for follow up.
just like a Alarm.

You may use the “Note” doctype to show notifications to users:

I know about that but let’s see if

  1. In field user set time to talk him at X time not date.
  2. Whenever X time meet our system time then show notification.

Please Help!