Show or Hide Desktop Icons: Could not find _doctype: Student

Hello Community,

Strange behavior found. I had setup “Manufacturing” module to the system. Where there is no role of Student or “Education” Module. Okay, First going through activity.

I just want to “Show or Hide Desktop Icons” to user XYZ. Any checkbox selected or not selected, by saving changes by “Save” Button, pop-ups an alert warning message, contains “Could not find _doctype: Student”. Let’s say, If I select Student checkbox, by saving generates another pop-up warning message “Could not find _doctype: Student Group” and so on.

I thought I might do some wrong configuration. But, On another system. Same “Manufacturing” module configured. Then, again Every step repeated again to reproduce the error. Hence, Same pop-up warning generates there as well.

That time logged in as Administrator. Switched browser, incognito mode. Logged-in as that user I want to “Show or Hide Desktop Icons”. Same warning there as well. Please reproduce it on your system as well to confirm this bug.

Before summerize, There is no permission rule applies because if it applies, it prevents to show or hide desktop icons, not produces a warning. If warning there should be related to Manufacturing, not to Education Module. I mean, “Manufacturing” module is not having relation to “Education” module. If I delete Doctype as well, even then also not to produce that error.

Hello @aaimaa

Can you search the doctypes related to student?

No, I can’t see there. Even there no Education Module.

Try going into App Installer, see if there are any apps installed related to student.

Nothing there as well. I think, I had just removed Education Doctype from project. That wasn’t required at project.

Hello, @aaimaa! Are you using V8 or V7? :slight_smile:

@littlehera ERPNext: v8.0.8

This might be a bug in V8. I’m currently running V7 and so far, I haven’t managed to reproduce the problem. :slight_smile:

Lets wait if someone confirms in in v8 or Build v8.0.8.

@rmehta Any help regarding this. Because, due to this. I had stucked at various points.

I have a very similar issue here. If I try to modify the desktop items I simply get a message like: Could not find _doctype: Time Log

Irregardless of what I select or deselect I always get that message on that screen as soon as I hit Save.

If you removed the feature, you need to remove it from config too.

Hello @samjaninf @aaimaa ,
Have you tried running bench update? If you removed the app from ERPNext, please remove it from apps.txt. If it’s a feature, just like what @itskawsar said, you also need to remove it from the config file.
But first, try running bench update. The new update may be able to fix your problem. :slight_smile:

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