Show products owned in Customer Master?

I’m just learning my way around ERPNext, and one thing my company would need is to show a list of products a customer currently owns.

We sell both non-serialized services (one-off customization) and serialized products (both physical and software). I only need to show the serialized products.

I understand how to customize a form to add a table field, but I’m not sure how to display the data. Do I create a new DocType to show this data and choose it in the “Option” field when “Table” is the fieldtype? If so, please provide some guidance on that.

Thanks so much for any help with this.

One way to track is via the Sales Invoice Detail table

This should contain the info you need and should be filter-able by customer

Thanks for the feedback. I think we will end up needing to build a custom module or something to get what we will need, but I appreciate the information.