Show report doesn't work

Hello I have show report doesn’t return report

show report give this page

I don’t know what is the problem , any help please

It says script report, so have you created any code for this report?

Are you accessing this report as a system manager?

If possible also send a screenshot of the console output in inspect, if there are any errors.

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no all report in frappe (not created by me) not shown , in console return errors

and not system manager

I can’t seem to replicate the issue (or recall how I solved this before) right now.

But if I recall correctly, it is probably due to a json object value being empty and it is being parsed for render in the form.

But if this occurs for all reports irrespective of whether it is a script/query/builder report, then it might be an issue with the database or the installation of the instance (if this is a fresh install and you’re facing this issue right after installing).

the solution is in the role permission , I 'am not accessing this report as a system manager

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