Show timesheets in the portal

I want to show timesheets to my customer. I added a menu from portal settings and added a customer role for read/print timesheet.
Now I can see the timesheets in the portal. but when I open it in the portal, it shows all the timesheets. So I tried to restrict using permissions but Whatever combination I select, They either show all or no timesheets.

Which settings should I choose from “select document type” or what changes should I make to get it working.

Role setting:

Document type setting:

For now, there is no option to create User Permissions for Website User. For Role without Desk Access permission should restriction should be assigned by default based on user name, or may be we can work-out some other design. Can you create a Github issue for this feature suggestion?

Can the same be done for tasks, documents (we provide SLA contracts as pdf attachments to customers), quotations, projects along with the timesheet.
As of now the projects, once closed (status other than open) cannot be seen in the portal. (a separate discussion has been opened for that.)
A mechanism for providing information to the customer as a read only reference is needed for better transparency.

The portal should be a place for the customer to see existing information and docs, similar to one stop shop.

Created the issue.