Show Tooltip hover on field

Has anyone tried doing their own tooltips in ERPNext?

I have seen this thread Tooltip Suggestion but it was discontinued.

Also, I know that frappe/erpnext is using ui.tooltip if you can notice when you are in developer mode and you are the Administrator a tooltip pops when you hover on the fields. Now, I tried using the existing tooltip lib of ERPNext by:

  content: "Awesome title!"

but doesn’t work when I hover.

I got the tooltip/popup working using .popover()

Now I just need to make this appear on each row of child table


Can yo tell me if you fix your problem??

hi johnskywalker,

Can u please help me for hover how u used this . i have same requirement ,can u please help me for the sames .i have to add hover in material request status filed …


Hello, Found the solution, sharing it here :

refresh: function (frm) {
$(“[data-fieldname=‘start_date’”).attr(“title”, “Please mention the order begin date”);

Note : in the fieldname pass your custom field and in the title the tooltip message.

Technically, this will add the title attribute to the particular div of the field name given.

Hope this help, thanks!

Darshan Patel.


tested, it works! thanks.

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@johnskywalker Hello John.

Are you in a position to share how you got the popover to work. If you cannot share some code, then please just a hint at how to achieve it. It’ll be so much appreciated. Thanks in advance.

Simple and clear. Love it

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How can we use tooltip features for child doctype