Show Totals Button Not Working


The ‘Show Totals’ button doesn’t seem to be working in reports that were created using the report builder

Please advise

Works okay for me, can you show a screenshot?

Same here, “Show Totals” does nothing for me too!

Hi @rmehta

Happy New Year! Sure… Please see below

Weird, I can’t replicate it. Can you share your JS trace?

Hi @rmehta

Nothing in the console…

Hi @rmehta

I’ve tried this on a couple of browsers but issue is the same. Could you share a screenshot of how it appears at your end and which browser you’re using?


So you don’t trust me :smile:


LOL!!! Sure I do… just trying to assist in diagnosing the issue

From what I can see, the report you tested has not been saved. It appears the ‘Show Totals’ button stops working once the report is Saved. Could you try saving the report and then see if the button still works?

Hi @rmehta

Trust you’re doing great. Did you get to try this?

Fixed and thanks for reporting!

In general, if you need a fix urgently, fix it yourself :stuck_out_tongue: or start a bounty.

Thanks a lot @rmehta

Duly noted :slight_smile: