Showing custom doctypes in web portal


I would need to create a custom doctype whose instances would be linked to the web portal users, so that the web portal user sees only his/hers own instance. (Basically, as a crude and simple example, the doctype could consist of user_id, house_color and house_number_of_floors, and portal user should obviously see only his own houses) What would be the most ERPnext way to achieve this? so far I have following two ideas, but they feel cumbersome (and I failed to get them working): Assign user rights individually to each document (there was a hint somewhere, that his could be done programmatically, how?) Create some kind of link to the user_id, and use that somehow to hide all others. Add the data into a child table of the user account?

This should be easily managed using Role Permission Manager. Please see this reply, here employee sees only his own salary slip not other employees salary slip.