Showing Data On Top rather than naming series in link field

Is there any way to display name in link field rather than Naming Series+name. Because of some duplicate entries for name i am bound to use naming series.
So is there any way to show only name in link field inspite of using naming series or showing name on bold and enlarged rather than naming series

You have to filter your link field by using get query.
You can try this:
onload: function(frm){
cur_frm.fields_dict[‘link field name’].get_query = function(doc) {
return {
query: “path to py function”,
filters: {
“doc” : cur_frm.doc

And on the py side:
def function_name(doctype, txt, searchfield, start, page_len, filters):
return frappe.db.sql(“”" select first_name from tabTableName “”")

I have no access to back-end. Any way to do the same using custom script ?

you mean you are just front-end developer and cant access back-end or what, please explain?:thinking:

For testing instance I have backend access but main instance is on cloud