Showing the available stock QTY in both POS and invoice

Dear Guru ,
Pls. help me to get Subject issue , i need to show the available QTY while selling in both POS and Invoice .
Kind Regards

Kind Regards

If you have a local instance change in POS.js as below
Under make_item_list: Function
Below the code item_image: obj.image,
Item_stock: __(‘Stock Qty’) + “:” + (me.batch_no_data[obj.item_code] || me.actual_qty_dict[obj.item_code] || 0.0,

This will show available qty for batches if exits or normal item stock.

thanks a lot for your valuable time ,
as i am a beginner , is it possible to make step by step procedure .


When i customize pos.js and pos.html it effect nothing.
i use bench build and bench watch too.

All you have to do is edit the file as I said before if is a local instance apps/erpnext/erpnext/accounts/page/pos/pos.js
And make the changes.

You only make changes on POS.JS as i just replied…

Hi ,
Thanks for posting , this can work only in Offline mode (POS.JS , What about the online POS (Point_of_sale.js )
Pls. let us kow


Hi sorry late reply… but we never changed the Point_of_sale.js because the concert is for users with lower internet signal or lower pay for internet … but if not mistaken the sames steps should work.