Sick leave and Gender validation

Dear ERPNEXT community,

I’m working on project and I am facing three issues:

  1. Freelance resources understand KSA business

  2. Gender validation for leaves some levels only for Females like maternity leave

  3. Sick leave calculations like it’s paid for first 30 days then their is deductions

Any help with the points above

Hi waleed
for the first and the second you can use for female a leave policy and for males another policy
you can do the same for freelance or based on another variable .
for sick leave you can defind two leaves one paid , and another sick leave is not for the first one 30 days for example the second 60 .

So it’s could be done Are you available for freelance work for 6 months and have team with you

I tried but I couldn’t do it do you have any useful links