Side bar filter links

With 7.2, the sidebar links (in list view) are all gone. Is there a way to bring them back? I have tried to follow some of the posts in the forum to create sidebar link (Link Filter in side bar) (How to create Filter link in side bar?) (Custom sidebar links)

I couldn’t get it working…any help? Thanks.


In the version 7.2, most of the filters on the sidebar are moved under Show Filters option.

To learn more, check:

Hope this helps.

I saw that…but some of the fields that I need are not showing up in the filter dashboard. Is there a way to add fields to the filter dashboard?

@nabinhait I guess it can be customized from the Custom Form tool? Please confirm.

You can add more filters by setting “In Standard Filter” property of any field via Customize Form.

I dont see a ‘In Standard FIlter’ option in cusomtize form - I see In Filter’. But selecting this doesnt add the field to the filter dashboard.
Is there any problem with my update? My current version is 7.2.1

It might be a problem related to bench update. Try to update again. “In Standard Filter” checkbox should appear just below “In List View” property.

Found the problem - the in_standard_filter is lost in bench update.

The situation is that we have made changes to role permissions for certain doctypes, which in turn updates the doctype json. Now, when we do bench update, either our changes to role permissions are lost, or some of the changes from github are lost.

I think there has to be a better way of recording the role permission changes instead of updating the core json - updating the json creates merge conflict everytime we do bench update.

Managing custom permissions using separate table is on our priority to do list. But you can avoid modifying json on change of permissions, by switching off developer mode in your site config. In your production setup, you should never enable developer_mode.