Side by Side form fields design

How to design this kind of side by side form fields without using section break?

Use Column Break to make column (side by side).
Use Section Break to separate on other card (where Test 02 and Test 04 are).

@rahy, I don’t want to use section break. Section Break create space gap between two.

This is what you ask, right?

@rahy, Say, I have 6 fields. I want to show show 3 fields side by side(which I can create using column break). And its below another 3 fields side by side, without the section break gap.

I don’t understand what you want.

When using column break, everything above the break will be displayed in 1 column.
Below the break is in another column.
If you add more break, it will be the most right column.

So to make the above picture, you can do

Property name
Test 02
Column break
Test 01
Test 04

@rahy, is there any way to add tab index to the form field?

I don’t understand what you mean. Do you want to use tab? There is no tabs in doctype.