Sidebar - Removed Entries

Hello everyone,

i am new to erpnext, i am evaluating it.
now, i wanted to customize the sidebar, but i’ve removed “Web” and “Customer” (Website / Kunden) Entry.
How can i re-add this pages/views? It has been accidently deleted, but moving it into a custom group, then, somehow, i had to delete the group (no sub entries anymore) and those entries were finally gone.

for example, buchhaltung (accounting) is just made invisible with an icon.

how can i re-add those?


Visit deleted documents

Hi @wolfomat,

If you haven’t checked then check the documentation.

I hope this helps.
Thank You!

thanks for the information. i’ll consult the documentation more frequent.
however, the entries are gone from the deleted documents, however i can’t find them in the menu like expected.

there’s only one deleted document left, which is unrelated and is there on purpose.