Signup and Forgot password on login page

Is there any way to disable the links Signup and Forgot Password for first time login?
The case:

  • When the site is created, a system manager is added with bench.
  • He goes to login page for first time login (before the setup wizard).
  • But since there is these links, if he forgets the password he clicks the Forgot Password link, expecting to go get his password.
  • But since this is a new site, the email is not setup yet.
  • Similar case with the Signup link.

Thank you for any response.

there is a way to setup email account using site_config.json or common_site_config.json

more here frappe/ at d9e5e97bc1527ed339cf8df081eed4e5d3015c86 · frappe/frappe · GitHub

conf json looks like this:

  "mail_server": "",
  "mail_port": 587,
  "use_tls": 1,
  "mail_login": "",
  "mail_password": "Super.Secret.Password",
  "auto_email_id": "",
  "email_sender_name": "Example Notifications",
  "always_use_account_email_id_as_sender": 0,
  "always_use_account_name_as_sender_name": 0
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Thanks @revant_one for the suggestion. Definitely will be handy.

But the problem is sometime the client doesn’t have the email account information ready when setting up. Or they want their administrator to do the email setup.

What I can think of is hiding it with css. But how to identify if it is the first timer (pre setup wizard) ?

I don’t know how to disable forgot password.

Disable signup can be done through “Website Settings” > “Disable Signup”

Or bench console:

frappe.db.set_value("Website Settings", "Website Settings", "disable_signup", 1)

None of these are for at first time login.

I guess I have to stick with css then.