Signup on


I tried few times this weeks to sign up via

But I never received the email :slight_frown:

Another funny thing it said does not exist

But when I today when I try to signup at the end I have an error saying
Subdomain jodumont taken, please select another subdomain

so I don’t know want to do except asking for help :wink:

I hope we will be able to figure this


did you check your SPAM folder? Most likely its there

try clicking on “forgot password” and resetting your password.

thank for your help :wink:

of course I look into my spam
still nothing for erpnext.

I can’t because the domain don’t exist

and there we go again

To check into email issue, just tried creating new erpnext account. I received email correctly.

@jodumont Our email service provider Sparkpost was blocking your email address due to their policy. I have removed your email from their suppression list and sent the verification email again. Now you should get the verification email in your inbox. Please check and confirm.

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thank nabinhait for your followed.
it works :wink:
Now I’m all hairs erect of joy

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