Silly question about frappe

Hi there,
Just had a silly question and got the answer that is silly, so updated the content to not make other lose their time also.

Thank you all


Not really a silly question. I get it. You would like to setup your own automated service for providing ERPNext systems to entry level users.

It is an interesting concept, but judging from the previous sarcastic response you got on this, I would guess that there is really no open source resource for building that part of the business. You would likely have to have a developer design and build that outside the ERPNext/Frappe systems and then help you implement it.

Great idea though. A stand-alone, self service, ERPNext server kiosk that lets you allow customers to get setup with their own ERPNext service without any human intervention.

Not so silly after all.

But that is my opinion, and you know what they say about opinions…

BKM :sunglasses:

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I find it strange that an old user on the forum is answering this…

it’s a silly question because…

  • expect a magic one click solution
  • if he had done a quick google search he would have realized that it doesn’t exist
  • frappe cloud already exists, and it saves you all this, plus it supports the cause (I know you’re going to tell me that those who have certain customizations etc, I do not think it’s this case)
  • If you have the clients and the resources to think about this, you would not be doing this type of consultation, but diagramming how to do it (bench has all the options, you just need a little love and time to take it to an app).
  • You see this kind of question more often every time (you could give me a POS for ERPNext that does not have all the problems of the official one, with all the features of POS Awseome, free, and urgent if possible) so my sarcasm is justified.
  • and I only do it with humor, it is not my intention to offend anyone, if someone posts the link I will be the first to retract it.

But it is only an opinion…

:rofl::joy::laughing: Yes it is! Believe me, I found it humorous, but I also understand that not everyone that posts here has been around long enough to understand.


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Federico… Federico, you’re such an expert… and I’m not looking to offend anyone!
And to prove that, I’ll mark your answer as THE solution.

Though, I like your “head to the box” idea.
If I posted that question here it doesn’t mean I haven’t done my research on that before coming to community. If I’m an “old nember”, it doesn’t mean I’m and expert on all stuffs. If I’m asking for a 5hing, it doesn’t mean I’m expecting a prepackaged solution.

And other thing! if you noticed this forum is called “Discuss …”, and not “Experts only, forum”.
…so be kind, not everyone is an expert, and we all learn from silly or not questions.

Thank you for your time
Best regards

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you can ask Silly Questions, if you are afraid to ask you will not learn anything.
you don’t tag or ask people by name to help so if any one free and want to help be it . if no we are not pushing them to do it . ( i think this is the reason we have a discuss )

Opensource where people help respect and collaborate with each other.
if we fear and think oh my code is silly my question is silly how do you think people are going to share code or share ideas or contribute !! ??


Not sure why you deleted your question, but I think you should be free to ask any question (maybe title it more appropriately) as long as you follow the general community guidelines.

Please restore your question, will be happy to answer if I can.


There are tons of great open source resources for building something like frappe cloud. End-user controlled provisioning is very well established territory at this point, and with continued improvements to container-based deployment it’s actually gotten pretty easy.

What doesn’t exist is a turnkey package accessible to people with little or no knowledge of server administration. That is unlikely to change, and for good reason.