Simple Management Dashboard


It would be great to have a simple dashboard for management in ERPNext such as the one in the image below:

Could this be achieved with the current Frappe framework?



i have done something like that create a custom page and play with it as much as i want …
you build with js Html Css for the front end and create your methods to do communicate with db in python file .


Could you share your files?

ERPNext desperately needs a configurable dashboard… This would be a great start!


I think metabase is a good tool. We should use good open-source tools in erpNext. I believe it will help ERPNext to quickly build features.


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Agreed, I’ve tested metabase. We should consider integrating it more tightly

Hi @ahmadRagheb

Could you please share screenshots and files?

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Superset may be worth reviewing

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Looks powerful @tray. I also think that with proper resources Frappe Charts would inevitably go this direction.

It would be beneficial implementing API functions and allowing third party tools to fetch data and reports to build custom dashboards.

You could even build an integrated dashboard builder using the API.

The API method sounds more tasking than simply reading from the Database, a good BI tool like metabase has a nice way of making this process easier. A simple (first step) enhancement would be to make the components generated in Metabase easy to embed within ERPNext.

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