Simple Price Rule 3 for $5


A packet of chips costs $1.99 each. I would like to set a price rule where if a customer buys any 3 chips from the item codes listed, they pay only $5. If they buy 6 chips, then they pay $10, etc. If they buy 4 chips, they pay $5 + $1.99 = $6.99 for 4 chips.

How can I achieve something like this using the price rule function? I couldn’t quite figure out how to do it.


You can simply write off the excess amount or use a custom script to automate the write off.

Sorry, forgot to mention, this is for POS and I would need it to show the discount on the item itself or an additional row for an overall discount with the deal/price list name such that it is shown on the printed receipts as a typical customer expects.