Simply marking Absent not have impact on salary calculation. Renaming it LWP will work?

What my client says, “There is no real sense of “Absent” in attendance, instead I want it Leave Without Pay” so it will help while generating Salary Slips."

I stumbled once and done my homework, I know if simply played with code, and functionality may end my life. It may affect Attendance functionality, Leave Calculations, Employee Attendance functionality and various reports and much more.

I also get to know, “Just marking Absent in the Attendance record do not have an impact on salary calculation of an Employee, as that absenteeism could be because of paid leave. Hence creating Leave Application should be created in case of absenteeism.” from this article.

Also, I read that, It calculates only approved leaves and not absent. Else, it will be very useful if enhanced this concern as, while generating Salary Slips, it also calculates Absent salary deductions there.

So, Possible solution for this is only Translation or I have to convince him, make it remains same and focus for leave instead. While translation, Absent to LWP(or Leave Without Pay) will conflict original Leave Without Pay functionality or what?

Please guide me.