Simultaneous Sessions

Hi Experts,
How can I use Simultaneous Sessions in ERPNext?
I understand that if it is 1 then the user can not login to his account from 2 devices at the same time. Is it correct or not?


You can update the number of simultaneous sessions by following below steps:
My Settings >> Security Settings >> Update “Number of Simultaneous Sessions”

Thanks for your reply. I now how to update. but when set it 1 for a user I can login from multi devise with this user account.
My question: How Simultaneous Sessions work in ERPNext?

If you set if you set it as 1 then it won’t let you access the account logged in as same user from two different devices. It will give you a message like session logged out.

Hi Shachi
Even I set it 1 I can login for the same user from different devices.
Note: I am self hosted system and using local area network (wifi) and both devices connected to the same network (without internet connection) and I am using latest version of ERPNext.
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Hi shachi
please advise. Is there any update?

Hi, i dont get it what your puroblem…
is it you want they cant login from same devices , but even the settings says so you still be able to login ?


Hi bobzz
My problem that even I set Number of Simultaneous Sessions = 1 for some users, they can login to their accounts from different devices at the same time.

Sessions Logged in using the app are not counted as a separate session.

You can login into the web interface and still remain logged in using the app.

Probably you can limit the time each session is logged in.

Setup ==> System Settings ==> Security ==> Session Expiry or Session Expiry Mobile

Thanks Helios and please explain to me what the purpose of Simultaneous Sessions in ERPNext.
thanks for your help


Assume that your ERPNext plan is on 5 users plan. But you have only 3 Users in your ERPNext account.

As per your plan, 5 sessions will be allowed for your account. It means that, for one of the three users you have added, you can set 3 as Simultaneous sessions allowed. Or you could also do as:

User 1 - 2 session
User 2 - 2 session
User 3 - 1 Session

As per this, you can have simultaneous users accessing your ERPNext account using same login ID password.

Hope this helps.


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It basically means that once you’ve ticked the box with " Allow only one session per user "

Only one session/login will be allowed per user unless the said user has logged in via the app, which will be counted as two sessions.

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thank you very much

Thanks umair for your support. You are one of the best in ERPNext team

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Does it mean your user and simultaneous user total shall not be more than your package user

Yes, the total number of user and the sessions should be equal to the your subscribed users.