Single Company: Admin(Desk) on subdomain and Website on principal domain

I have a single company on a single instance

Its possible to access to the desk using

and access only the website using

Using for both domains the same instance

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Did you find a solution?

Not actually. Gonna try using domain alias

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I’m trying to do this as well! but I want to go a step further and prevent desk access from primary domain.

I was not able, Try Domain alias, and let us know!

I still haven’t figured it out yet either but I will!

I thought of a workaround based on this link.

(The link isn’t super important just helped me figure out an option for me.)

I’m going to add two sites in one for the main site but I will not install ERPNext on that site and that site will have the primary domain (e.g. The other site will have ERPNext installed and have the subdomain. (e.g.

This works for me because I want to be be able to code my websites from scratch but I’m not sure if this is an option for you so.

Currently this is just an idea, I’m now going to test it out so I’ll update you when I have more info.

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