Single Credit Note For Multiple Invoices

Hi am working with a medical client. Where they are stating they might have a year old invoices like for example they give multiple invoice for a Pharmacy each month, and after 6 or 8 months the Pharmacy will send back the items that are not doing proper sales. So they create a single credit note which consist of all items of there old invoices and send to customer. How can this be achieved in Erpnext.

This functionality is not avilable at the momement. I believe ERPNEXT team is working on it. However a workaround can be used which is asfollows

  1. Create one general supplier and make purchase invoice for those items. After that u can use journal entry to adjust corresponding supplier and customer account.
  2. Make material recipt in stock entry and assign any GL account when can then be adjusted with customer ledger.
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Yeah even i have worked on a workaround Its like creating a new invoice enter the items that needs to be returned with quantity and zero amount and submit it and then do a credit note for those items. and for stock adjustments do a stock entry.

We have the similar issue (on v12.19), but for now I think it’s not resolved yet.