Single Database for Multiple Frappe Sites

Hi Team,
I want to Host a Multiple Frappe Sites, across Multiple servers. But It all should share the same Database. Example, If a User signup on One of the Sites, with the same credentials, user should able to login on another sites too. If I create One Document on one site, It should accessible on another sites too. I don’t want to create db-replicas. Is there any ways to do it in Frappe?

Perhaps explaining your use case (why do you want to do this and what function it will provide) will help.

My guess is this is not supported out of the box.

Have you seen the scalability document?

One thing comes to mind. You’d likely need some filesystem replication/sync if users will be attaching files (bench/sites/sitename/private(and public folders).

Check out this tutorial for using a separate database server.

Hi @Vickypandiyan007:

Check Social Login.

You can use a site to provide login for other sites.
Hope this helps.

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This is for High Availability Purpose. I want to deploy the 2 Frappe sites in Two Different EC2 Instances at Two Different AZs. I Place One Load balancer before the EC2 servers to Distribute the traffic. But, I want both frappe sites share the same Remote DB server. So, If one Frappe site goes down, users can access another site with same data. This is my usecase.

With this method, users only can able to login with the same credentials. But they can’t access the same Document’s across sites ryt?