Single doctype in installation

Hi. I’am facing a problem.

I made my app in one pc and now i want to continue in another pc. The problem is when i installed my app in this new pc everything went well but single doctype. The instalation does not created an entry in tabSingles as i espected. Now when, in frappe desk, i go to my module->setup (where my single doctype is) and i click to see it’s content, most fields are missing.

The json file in doctype folder has everything (All the information and fields that was made in the other pc) but still i don’t get any entry in tabSingles.

I run bench frappe --latest and bench frappe --sync_all and yet no luck.

I’am in version 4. And i also tried in developer mode and without developer mode.

Do i have to export my single doctype as fixture?


The fields are not missing any more. It was my mistake. But i still have the doctype only in json file and no data in database tabSingles.

Add it via the after_install hook.

Fixed in v5 :smile:

Thanks. It works now.