Single PO Multiple Invoice

Please help me i that for single PO i want to make multiple invoice with different invoice number and how to make duplicate bills

From Single PO you can made multiple Invoice,
-PO contains 12 qty with rate 500 Amount=6000
-Now you make invoice for 5 qty with rate 500 Amount become 2500 submit this invoice
again make Invoice from same PO ,remaining qty will be displayed with rate and Amount

Hai mam,

Yes you are right but we need multiple invoice for the both the received quantity.

For eg.
5 total 3 received and 2 bending ok.
My need is that for the 3 quantity we received multiple invoice and remaining 2 when we received again multiple invoice for the 2 quantity.

Thanks & Reagards
Vivek P Champ

In the Purchase Invoice, edit Item Qty to 1. This will allow you to create another Purchase Invoice against that same Purchase Order. Validation will be raised if you try to bill more than 5 qty all the Purchase Invoices put together.

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